The Grey Lich


In the time of the The Old Kingdoms one of the six great rulers of the time was the once and only king of the Drow. He ruled a good portion of land that was touched by the plane of shadows, but that did not satisfy him, as he hungered for more power, more land, and more life. In order to gain the desires of his heart he built an army of followers from the shadow plane and waged war against the other kingdoms. From him, drow developed the process known to other races as Flesh warping, and created great abominations. Many of the secrets of his creations have been lost to the mist's of time though.

He also had a lust for the flesh of men, and was known to feast on great piles of flesh that made up fallen soldiers, enemies or even his own followers. As his land and Kingdom grew it seemed that his hunger also grew. It wasn't long till the taste of flesh became like ash in his mouth, and soon began to feast on the souls of men instead. 

The name of the grey lich has been lost to time, but all men are thankful that such a being no longer exsists.