Lycanthropes, sometimes called skin-walkers, are a newly discovered race of humanoids that live on the continent of Deran, long before the Nithle colonies took root. not much is known about them and the specifics of their culture, what is known is that the skin-walker's normally live, and travel together as a tribe. also most colonist's fear the skin-walkers because of their heathenish rituals, their strange behavior, and their lack of any social graces. most skin-walker tribes don't have access to iron technology and still use stone tools and such, however in fight's they are more likely to go "feral", as colonists like to put it, and turn into their animal forms. which look's similar to the picture above, except without the rotting flesh and such. Not all colonist's view the lycanthropes with fear, instead some of them actually don't mind them and are willing to trade with them, but almost everyone see's them as less than human