Gorhem, The gray devil


Back in the time of  The Old Kingdoms, there rose a great army of foul creatures lead by one being. Gorhem, Scourge of Aston, Hell incarnate, the Grey devil, and leader of greatest orc civilization to date.

Gorhem had the strength of 10 Orcs, and the intelligence of an Elf. Because of this he rose in power among his tribe and eventually became the chief of the tribe. He soon began conquering other tribes, amassing a great horde of warriors. After uniting the Wandering tribes, he brought war to the dwarves on Aston, seeking to subjugate them. Slowly, but surely he took each Dwarven fortress, one by one, slaughtering their warriors and enslaving their people. Once he conquered the Dwarvish strong holds he set them to work, building up cities unto their new orc captors, demanding tribute to show them mercy, and killing for amusement. 

Then came the shape changer, who rallied the dwarves, giving them the secrets of black powder, and began to push the orcs out of the strong holds, and topple the orcs and their rule. Gorhem himself was killed by killed by the shape changer. Shot in the head with a lead ball.