The Immortals

The Immortals Refer to the heroes that ended the reign of the old kingdoms. For a long time a majority of these stories have been passed down through oral history and because of this much has been lost concerning the specifics of these heroes, the old kingdoms and their tales. However as of recent, scholars have worked together to piece together a sort of manuscript telling at least, part of the tale of these men and woman and allows for a small description of them that they have been able to discern as truth

The following sheds some light on their description and what they were known for

The Immortal Heroes

"Among their folds walked the angel of death, a man of skin grayer than than a corpse's, eyes blacker than the night sky, clocked in the feathers of a murder of crows. He alone, with twin blades dripping in toxin, Slaughtered the Grey Lich while he sat upon his throne and stained his halls with the blood of the knights that stood against him

Next was the Guardian of the north, a fearful warrior with skin of stone and armor of ice. Like an unholy union of lightning and death he butchered legions of knights, bringing death to the doorsteps of kings. With his great sword and Great axe he cut down the mad queen of the north

Then there was the shape changer, an inventor with the intellect and cunning of a fox. With her inventions the wall that protected the kingdoms of old were brought down. She freed the dwarves from the Orc hordes that risen up, and ended their lives by putting several balls of steel in their heads. from her the dwarves learned the secrets of black powder and copied the first pistol and musket off of her weapon

A Wizardling was also among their ranks. A explorer of Arcane mystery and a researcher of ancient lore, she used her magic to anoint the ground, on which the armies of the old kingdom stood, in their own blood. She created the mystical weapons that all the immortals wielded and was the one who burned the lord of vampires, Treznor to death.

The youngest among them was a spiritualist, a woman gifted with the ability to speak with with spirits. She had at the command, and army of ghosts, and sealed away the souls of the rulers of the old kingdom. She pacified the undead armies of the Gray lich, and she herself killed the great hag Nysylia

The last of these warriors was a man who bore a great curse, he gave himself so that these evils would never rise again. He now suffers eternal torment and damnation for killing the great paladin Isem, who never raised a blade against any man, be they friend or foe"