"We are who we choose to be"


Race:Goblin/ Class:Alchemist


Scraps was a slave and a doctor in a fighting ring in a town called Tall-Qa’ib and has been for many, many years, in the ring he meet his most recent friends Carson Doyle, and Clair. Scraps helped Carson plan his Escape of the ring and has traveled with them ever since as he feels that he owes Carson his life for his freedom


The one thing that set Scraps apart from other Goblins is that he has a sense of clothing, wearing more than just a loin cloth. Scraps wears a brown vest and brown pants, well, they would be brown if it wasn’t for the multiple burns and stains they have suffered as a result of scarps experiments. He’s also the oldest member of the caravan, being somewhere around the age of 62, but since he’s a goblin its hard to tell, and he’s still as spry as ever


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