Rowena Tabbot

"A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested"


Race: Human/ Class: swashbuckler


Rowana Tabbot is the adopted daughter of Drunce Tabbot. Her real family is still alive, but because of her romantic preferences they have been separated and she has been disowned and subjected to judgment and abuse. She happened upon Drunce as he rescued her from a gang of miscreants that attempted to harm her and take advantage of her. She’s been traveling with him as a squire ever since, Though he doesn’t agree with her lifestyle or her marriage to Katrina ibsen. He is wants to protect her and considers both Carson and her his surrogate children. Both she and Drunce came upon Carson, Clair, and Scraps as they were leaving the desert, and after a brawl between Carson and Drunce, the trio listened to Rowanas plight and agreed to help her.
As sort of a sign of affection, Kat created Rowana’s musket and Pistol, as far as most people can tell this is the most emotional thing that Kat has done


She is the youngest member of the caravan, and because of this still retains some childish looks. She has jet black hair that she puts into pigtails, her hair also has a single streak of white going down it, which is how she got her name (Rowena = mane of white). Unlike a normal knight she wears light armor, relying on her speed to take her out of danger, and carries a mace on her side, which she can swing at a surprising speed.

Rowena Tabbot

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