Katrina Ibsen

"There is nothing more stimulating than a situation where everything goes against you"


Race: Human / Class: Unknow


Katerina Ibsen is a intellectual and the wife of Rowana Tabbot, she is actually part of the reason Carson goes to great lengths to avoid any form of contact with nithle nobles, bounty hunters, and any person that holds a government job, as well as not stay in one place for too long. See the wedding that the caravan interrupted and abducted a priest was a wedding between her and a nithle noble, despite the fact that she was in love with Rowana Tabbot. Carson agreed to help her escape though this escape appeared more like an abduction, and because of this they are occasionally the targets of bounty hunters.


She is a lithe, short woman who is normally dressed in black smithing clothes. She has black hair that is normally tied back. She can always be seen with either her wife, carson, or scraps. Row for company, Carson to make row jealous on occasion, and carson and scraps for discussions on engineering, smithery and alchemy.
This is a picture of Kat with her hair down, and it does a good job of describing her general mood the entire time

Katrina Ibsen

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