Drunce Tabbot

*Dead noises*


Race: Human/ Class: Fighter – Hell knight


Drunce is a knight from the highlands of nithle, he is actually a pretty famous knight, and he’s also a horrible drunk. He never talks about his past, and most of the other members suggest that it may be for the best to just leave it alone, and from the way they talk about it is doesn’t sound like it’s a happy story. He’s always drinking the only time when he isn’t he’s either fighting or sleeping.


He wears Helly knight plate. It’s full plate armor that has been modeled after the hellish fiends that inhabit the hells. The armor itself is gray and looks fierce but the entire purpose of a hell knight is to combat those that seek anarchy, and to keep the fiends that inhabit the nine hells at bay, so while the armor does appear scary, most people understand that it’s just the way the armor looks. Drunce has dirty brown hair and is very unkept for the most part, and has a thick matted beard. His eyes are dark and misted over from alcohol for the most part. He’s a broad, tall man, and despite his drunkenness, there is an underlying sense of strength, like a spring coiled back and waiting to suddenly release.