"I will find my family, even if it means tearing apart the spirits themselves"

Race: Lycanthrope/ Class: Unknown


A native of the continent of Deran, about a year and a half ago she was abducted from her tribe along with several others and taken far away from her home. However her luck never ran out as she managed to avoid most attention that follows a slave girl and ended up in fighting ring in a town called Tall-Qa’ib with a fellow tribe member named Whatu. It was there at Tall-Qa’ib where she meet the Infuriating human who went by the name Carson Doyle. With the help of a goblin named Scraps, Carson helped free Whatu and Clair but unfortunately Whatu died making sure everyone else got out safely. Before Whatu died, he made Carson promise to return Clair safely back to her tribe, which he swore he would.
Her name isn’t actually Clair, but Carson found her real name too hard to pronounce, so he gave her the name Clair and it has just stuck with everyone they’ve meet. Carson has yet to say if there was a reason to why he gave her that name.


Normally she dresses in traditional tribal clothing, such as deer-skin robes. the robes are adjustable so that her clothes can adjust when she changes from a human into her hybrid form.

In her human state she appears almost Egyptian like, but has long black hair and slightly slanted eyes, but that may just have to do with her hybrid form being a mountain lion. She is probably the least friendliest person in Carson’s caravan and hates all humans, with a few exceptions

This picture is her human form and shows the outfit made for her by carson when they’ve had to disguise her as a nithle adventurer