Carson Doyle

"There's no stopping a man who knows he's in the right and keeps a-coming."


The CaravanRace: Human/ Class: Unknown


A mercenary with Piercing grey eyes whose entire past is a mystery to him. About 2 years ago he woke up in as a slave in a town called Tall-Qa’ib. As a slave he was forced by his masters to fight in the gladiator’s pit’s, and made a name for himself as he refused to kill whoever they pitted him against. While he was there he made friends with the arenas doctor, a small goblin alchemist named Scrap’s, and two were-kin’s, a man named Whatu and a young woman named Clair, that were tribal natives of a far away land. Eventually the cruelty of the pit drove him and Scrap’s to hatch an escape plan that would allow him, his friends, and everyone else in the pits an attempt to escape. Unfortunately this wasn’t the first time such a plan was pulled and not everyone escaped unscathed. Whatu took 4 crossbow bolts in the back before falling, before passing away Whatu made Carson promise him that he would see Clair returned to her tribe, and had the grey eyed youth take his totem as a charm of protection.

Since then Carson has done his best to protect Clair and return her home.


Carson typically wears clothing that is comfortable for travel and combat, as it his experience that you don’t know how quick one may transition into the other. while in town he tends to wear mundane clothing, such as long sleeved shirts, plain woven pant’s, and thick boots. When traveling or in smaller towns he hears buckskin clothing, marking him as a guide to most other people.

If it wasn’t for his armor and weapons, he could easily be mistaken as the son of a farmer. he has tanned skin that suggests he has done lots of outdoor work, and has brown wavy hair that’s about shoulder length. the only thing that really stands out his eyes, which most people admit, feels like the look into a person’s very soul


He never quits trying to help people, even if it means that he’ll be putting himself in danger, he always tries to do the right thing, and believes in second chances. For a man with no memory he is unusually cheerful, and always has an upbeat attitude. He’s normally down for a friendly brawl or an arm wrestling contest, but he hates killing and hates being forced to kill. The only time anyone has ever seen him mad or upset is when someone has threatened one of the member of his caravan or abused his trust