Arlama Brid

"In Sarenrae's light we can find redemption for our past, and begin looking towards a peaceful future"



A Religious and pious person, she doesn’t talk much about herself or her past life, you do get the sense that she may of have actually been raised/ groomed for clergy-ship. Apparently she joined the group on accident…. She was originally supposed to capture the caravan and bring them in since the caravan kidnapped a priest and prevented a marriage from taking place. However after several attempts and an intense brawl between her and Drunce she ended up joining them out of fascination and with the hopes that she would be able to act as a good influence upon them. She is in her mid 40’s, she is one of the only people to keep Drunce from a drink for more than 15 minutes, a miracle in itself really.


She would look like a standard clergymen if it wasn’t for the overlaying of metal armor made to compliment her clergy clothes.